Q1 2019 Portfolio Review

This report was saved as a draft shortly after Q1 ended and I’ve never found the time to finish it. Q2 will end soon and I think it’s finally time to release the review.

The performance in the first three months of the year of my portfolio and the market was amazing. But except for the surprising year to date market and portfolio performance there isn’t anything exciting to report. Just “business as usual”.

Capital Contribution

Capital Contribution

I’ve added nearly $3500 to my portfolio. This slightly exceeded my monthly target for this year by $200. Hopefully I’ll keep this level of contribution for the coming quarter.

Portfolio Changes

These values come straight from my broker and differ a little bit of my own calculations, mostly because of including fees and some unpublished options plays, which I list separately for myself.

Stock Transactions

  • My first purchase for the year was Altria (MO): I just couldn’t withstand the rock bottom price near $44
  • I sold my Uniti (UNIT) position in February due to the lost court case of their biggest customer Windstream. I gambled on this one and lost a small amount after including the received dividends. Luckily this was only a small position. But this was my highest yield on cost which in turn will decrease my annual dividends by a huge amount of $240.
  • My last purchase for this quarter was CVS which increased my share count to 70
  • I’m still trying to close out the used margin from my buying spree of last December. That’s why the inflow of capital is higher than the sum of my purchases.

Dividend Income

I’ve received $540.94 in Q1, which is an increase of 52% over last year Q1. The high increase is easily explained: I didn’t received any dividends in January 2018.

Outlook for Q2 2019

As I’m continuing to reduce my used margin in Q2, I don’t think I’ll make any purchase in Q2. In case of any available funds, stocks like ABBV and QCOM are looking attractive from a valuation point of view.

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    • July 2, 2019 at 10:59 pm

      Yes, that was quite an increase, but this was mostly due to the big special dividend of BHP Billiton in January. Thanks for stopping by!


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