Portfolio Update January 2018

It’s time for another update, since my last portfolio update was October 2017.


Company Stock Units Price Date Cost
Tanger Factory Outlet Centers SKT 100 $22.81 2017-10-27 $2281.00
Vereit VER 200 $7.29 2018-01-18 $1458.00





Stock Open Date Exp Date Type Strike Price Premium Fees
UNIT 2017-11-02 2018-04-20 Put $20.00 $190.00 $3.50


There aren’t too many updates, but I took some opportunities with the increased pressure in the REIT sector and the especially the retail REITs last year. I will increase my exposure in this segment if the price pressure continues to give us discounts due to the always recurring rate fears.

Guidance 2018

I’m going to buy a nice apartment for myself which will heavily influence my ability to invest this year. I will adjust my new goals accordingly. Nearly all my cash will be used to get a good mortgage at exactly 2% interest rate with a fixed mortgage term over 15 years and the possibility of 5% down payments per year. I think these are great conditions considering my low equity ratio under 10%. I just had to take the opportunity because it’s more expensive to rent. And if everything goes well this year, I don’t have to liquidate anything in my portfolio.
But nevertheless, I’m very interested to see what this year will bring for me. Maybe I can fetch some side jobs and get my emergency funds back to a convenient level and maybe even add some positions in my portfolio. But that would be extremely ambitious as I’m also planning to make an unpaid two month summer vacation this year, but we’ll see.

One thought on “Portfolio Update January 2018

  • September 13, 2018 at 11:03 pm

    House is also a good investment. Good luck for you.

    Greetings Swedendivin


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