Monthly Update February 2015

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Finally, I’ve found some time to update my progress! First comes the Income/Expense February Update:

(assuming €:$ 1:1.13 currency exchange rate )


Day Job Paycheck $3593
Dividend Income $69

Total Income $3662


Home Expenses $611
Daily Living $61
Transportation $46
Health $177
Insurance $452
Gifts $6
Business Expense $6
Entertainment $50
Miscellaneous $3

Total Expense $1412

Saved Net Income 61%

I contributed nothing to my account, because the next months will be all about tax and tax-consultant payment and I want to have some liquidity.
On valentines day we’ve taken the train(TGV) to visit paris over the weekend. We’ve visited a nice exhibition about Studio Ghibli, looked Notre-Dame, walked through the beautiful city and enjoyed some nice meals.
Most of these costs are already deducted from my income, that’s because every month we split all costs by two and if I payed less then my girlfriend(all monthly costs without insurance etc.), we subtract it from my income before transferring the money to me. If I’d isolate the costs, it would be something about 294$ – expensive, but it was an unforgettable weekend for both of us.


Stock Units Price Date Cost
ESV 80 26.79 2015-02-24 $2143



1000 shares of FSC
300 shares of MCC

I’ve added Ensco(ESV) to my portfolio and continue to buy into oil companies as the sector is still down. And I sold two BDCs – FSC and MCC which both cut the dividend. I will continue to sell my BDCs and search for better DGI holdings.


PSEC $56.41
MAIN $12.43
Total $68.83

I earned $68,83 in dividends this month.




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