Income/Expense December 2014

Each month I will post my income/expenses for the previous month. As I’m receiving my pay check in Euro, I’ll state the used exchange rate. I already subtracted the projected income tax which will be transferred every 3 months.

(assuming €:$ 1:1.22 currency exchange rate )


Day Job Paycheck $7859.24
Dividend Income $262.84

Total Income $8122.08


Home Expenses $677.10
Transportation $63.44
Insurance $391.62
Gifts $341.60
Business Expense $6.10
Entertainment $70.76
Vacation $405.04
Miscellaneous $42.70

Total Expense $1998.36

Saved Net Income 75%

December was an extraordinary income month because of bonus payment and 13th month salary. But I also went for a one week holiday and brought some nice little gifts for my girlfriend.
However, I didn’t transferred any money to my broker account this month and will do this in January.


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